Even Dogs Like to Dance 
VV. AA. (feat. Sparkle in Grey): Even Dogs Like to Dance

Track listing / mp3s: Price: 5 €

1. Jean-Christophe Potvin – Cecile (Bruxelles) mp3
2. Margareth - Mad Man’s Poem (Mestre)
3. Chance:Risiko - Active Life (Bologna)
4. Mauve – Song For… (Verbania) mp3
5. Ofeliadorme - 6.17 Pm (Bologna)
6. Peckinpah – Elle (Firenze)
7. Casita Nuestra - How She Took That Bullet (Borgia/Cosenza)
8. Marvin - Shade Of Blue (Firenze – Danza Cosmica)
9. Christian Alati - What Are You Doing? (MI) mp3
10. Baby Blue – Alligator (Firenze)
11. Peter Kernel – Smiling (Varese – On The Camper)
12. Vanvera - Tangly Hay (Ferrara - Here I Stay)
13. Lozninger - Long Range Strokes (Dijon/Toronto – Moonpalace)
14. Mr 60 - Ga$Oline Maphia Sings (Gotheborg – Uglydogs)
15. La Pingra – Popples (Chieti)
16. Andrea Liuzza - Elephant Serenade (Venezia)
17. Sparkle in Grey - Teacher Song (Milano – Disasters By Choice)
18. Gabriel Sternberg - Marlene’s Dream (Milano)

Available on Cane Bagnato Records
Promotional compilation on CD-R.
Pro-printed cover and insert.

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“Diciotto racconti di cristallo. Diciotto possibilità di sentire il vento insinuarsi tra le spighe dei ricordi. Diciotto volte dire: Io credo nei sogni e nella musica piccola che non fa clamore!" THE LOST HIGHWAYS (Vladimiro Vacca - ITA)

The Italian cult label in quiet acoustic and electric music Cane Bagnato Records ("Wet Dog Records") releases this great international compilation for its third year of activity. The artists involved touch the most surprising bounds of experimental side (Chrisitan Alati, who collaborated with Giuseppe Ielasi and Renato Rinaldi, among the others) to easy listening pop (Jean Christoph Potvin or the lovely Mr. 60), crossing many other genres.

Available at the ridiculous price of 5 Euros (here shipping included) this CD-R in professional printed cadboard sleeve, enriched by the beautiful drawings of the Balloon Art Group presents an unique seires of valuable artists that will maybe disappear in silence or become underground stars. In any case: pure sincere artists.

Grey Sparkle


Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

Matteo Uggeri

Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

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