Squashing Charms 
Various Artists (feat. Sparkle in Grey): Squashing Charms

Track listing / mp3s: Price: 7 €

1. Davide Prato
2. Rom:U
3. Harshcore
4. Sparkle in Grey
5. AAL
6. Santoro
7. Lips Vago
8. Fhievel & The Abstract
9. Rag Mother


Available on Kosmic Elk Mind
mini CDr
Other medias available here:
listen here to a strange decomposed medley between all the tracks of the disc.

We basically asked to some of our friends to send in some pop tracks, tunes you could whistle for a change and that's what we got in return! Enjoy feverish shiny highlights from the likes of Davide Prato, Rom:U, Harshcore, Sparkle in Grey, AAL, Santoro, Lips Vago, Fhievel & The Abstract, Rag Mother.

Previously thought into existence as a c30 and downgraded as a 3" cdr, closed shut into a mini-dvd case, featuring three absolute debuts and likely to rock your days on and on for months on end. Play loud when winter kicks in and you're thinking about going outside but it's cold and really, you don't want to goooooooooooooooooo...

Grey Sparkle


Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

Matteo Uggeri

Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

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