Another Year Is Over, Let's Wait for Springtime

Open to the Sea (Enrico Coniglio & Matteo Uggeri)


Ten Years Raffaello Russo, Music Won't Save You

Oltre due anni dopo il primo incontro, la cui risultante era già andata ben oltre la semplice sommatoria delle rispettive sensibilità sonore, Matteo Uggeri ed Enrico Coniglio trasformano la loro collaborazione in vero e proprio progetto artistico, ulteriormente aperto al dialogo con altri musicisti e con linguaggi espressivi sempre più articolati. Da titolo del precedente lavoro, Open To The Sea diventa la denominazione che contraddistingue le ellittiche parabole di ricerca dei due artisti italiani, il cui comune interesse per screziature elettro-acustiche e "concrete" si riveste di spunti cameristici, dinamiche irregolari e, ancora una volta, di contenuti melodici che si dischiudono ad accogliere l'elemento vocale.

Non è tuttavia soltanto la riuscita commistione delle voci in otto dei dieci brani di "Another Year Is Over, Let's Wait For Springtime" a costituirne il carattere saliente: ogni traccia segue infatti percorsi diversi, che sembrano costruirsi in presa diretta e con lenta gradualità, spesso richiamando proprio il moto placido e costante di una marea. Mentre è ancora Lau Nau a segnare i passaggi più sognanti ed evocativi del lavoro, il lessico di Open To The Sea include via via l'austera declamazione da attore di John Guilor e il fascino inquieto di Romina Kalsi (Animor), fino a compenetrarsi con tenebre dai retaggi wave nel brano cantato da Dominic Appleton (This Mortal Coil, Breathless).

Al di là del carattere impresso ai brani dalle parti vocali, sono le partiture strumentali che le supportano a spaziare tra gentili ricami acustici, profumati ora di obliquo (chamber-)folk ora di distanti sentori etnici, e cadenzate pulsazioni, tra orizzonti atmosferici percorsi da stranianti dissonanze post-industriali e improvvisati destrutturazioni jazzy. Opera quanto mai aliena dalle definizioni, "Another Year Is Over, Let's Wait For Springtime" costituisce fonte inesauribile di scoperta, offrendo un'infinità di dettagli e incastri minimali, nei quali immergersi completamente, contemplando lo scorrere di un tempo niente affatto convenzionale.

BBC Radio Merseyside

PMS Radio, 02.12.2019

Moor Mother – After Images
Moor Mother – Engineered Uncertainty
MoE & Pinquins – Den ubehagelige behagelighet
Deena Abdelwahed – Tawa
Arborist – Taxi
Whistling Arrow – Chamber Ascent
Doon Kanda – Polycephaly
Carl Stone – Han Yan
Lost Vinyl: The Slits – Instant Hit
Six Organs of Admittance – Two Forms Moving
Digable Planets – Where I'm From
Gavilan Rayna Russom - Kemmer
Open To The Sea – Particles PT2
Rediscovered World: Vieja Trova Santiaguera – Guajiro
From the Vault: Lonnie Liston Smith – Aspirations
Le Motel – Ashes
Sw4rmCLAN (R.O.S.H.) – Becoming You
Man Forever – Ten Thousand Things
Roman Jungblut – Detox/Retox
Colin Self – Dispossessed
Howie B – That's Down
Millie Foster – Did I Think About You?
Daniel Lentz – Ending(s)
Whistling Arrow – In Flooded Country

Paolo Bertoni, Blow Up

Open to teh Sea on Blow Up

Christopher Nosnibor, Aural Aggravation

It's new year's day, 2020. Like many, I've spent the last few weeks reflecting on the passing year: I usually do around this time, remembering where I was a year ago, two, three, five, ten years previous. Wondering precisely what I've got to show for it. that slow, sad, weight of nostalgia as the images captured in memories fade and curl around at the corners. Wondering: was I actually happier then, less prone to panic, or is this simply rose-tinting, psychological refuge in the comfort of the known, the life lived, rather than the fearful prospect of the unknown future? Such conflict, such dichotomy and dilemma.

And so, another year is indeed over, and here we are, staring into the void. Teetering on the brink of the abyss of a new decade in a post-fact, post-truth world where the capitalist world teeters on the brink of self-induced collapse and global climate catastrophe. And there is no success like failure.

We've failed as individuals, and as a species. The year is over… so what is there in prospect?

Open to the Sea's new album, released late December, provides the soothing backdrop to my existential strife, and it's barely there for the most part. And yet, it's there just enough: understated, yet still clearly stated.

The press release provides some useful insight into the album's origins and its creators: 'Open To The Sea is the collaboration project of Matteo Uggeri and Enrico Coniglio and Another Year Is Over is their second album. While Coniglio focusses on guitar, synths and other instruments, Uggeri adds samples and field recordings to create a soundcosmos full of tiny melodies and themes with appereance by some guest musicians on drums, trumpet and cello. That would make a perfect experimental ambient album with jazzy moments, but Uggeri & Coniglio push this release further by adding some vocals to most of the tracks by inviting guest singers like Dominic Appleton (This Mortal Coil) or Lau Nau from Finland.'

Minimal post-rock forged from sparse piano notes which drift into a rarefied air, spun with subtle, near-subliminal swirls of ambience, and stammering, glitching beats that hammer like a palpating heartbeat rattling in a tense ribcage, and picked guitar notes waft into the ether.

With different vocalists contributing to the various tracks, the tone and feel changes: 'Heavy Like a Falling Leaf' is soft, airy, yet poised, while 'Uninvited Ghost' and 'Crystal Dog Barks' feature a spoken word lyrical delivery, which in some respects changes both the dynamic and balance, and the function of the musical accompaniment, rendering the piece less a song and more of a narrative with instrumental backing.

'Duduk Confession' is hushed, brooding, with haunting strings and ominous hums lingering in the shadows, and on 'Tapes and Cows Pt 1', lonely brass wails softly over low notes to produce the most forlorn jazz imaginable. Scraping strings and frosty synth flickers accompany the deepest woe, which gradually evolves into warped space-age electro that melts into some warbling jazz trumpet.

The penultimate composition, 'facing the waves' is by far the most conventionally 'songy' of the ten, with a straight-ahead drum rhythm and solid piano providing the primary instrumentation on a whispy indie/shoegaze work. The fading refrain of 'time now to start again' is sung by a layered-up vocal set and, unexpectedly, Interpol come to mind.

The final song, 'Another Year is Over, Let's wait for Springtime', with its whispering dialogue and soft dulcimer shimmers and soft, snowy strings that glide smoothly into the darkest corners, reminds me of my urge to hibernate, but also the fact that everything passes in time and everything is cyclical. Yesterday, today, tomorrow – they're all points on a circle, and as linear as life lived is, as sure as birth and death, one year will follow the last, and so it will go on, whether we're here or not.

In Memory of John Peel


3:19 Our Weekend Starts Tomorrow Masks #MASKSBand – Single – Buzzhowl Records @buzzhowlrecords 2019

5:51 Snofelt (feat. Home) cacero lazo @mzunguzu regime of calm Submarine Broadcasting @SubCastCo 2019

7:33 Take your Honey (excerpt) Soft As Snow @allourbeasts Take Your Honey Mansions and Millions @MANSIMILLI f@MansionsandMillions 2019

9:47 Tundra Erotic (voc Heather Leigh Shackleton Tunes Of Negation – "Reach The Endless Sea" Cosmo Rhythmatic @CosmoRhythmatic 2019

2:24 la danza del brontosaurio Los Siquicos Litoraleños Medianos Éxitos Subtropicales Vol. 2: El Relincho Del Tiempo Hive Mind Records 2019

4:55 I'd Rather, Jack Teeth Of The Sea @TeethoftheSea WRAITH Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2019

4:20 Particles Pt1 (voc Romina Kalsi/Animor) Open To The Sea Another Year Is Over Midira Records 2019

2:35 Bell Jar of Whiskey Buck Young Buck II: Where Do You Want It? No Rent @norentrecords 2019

10:07 Fulfilment Centre Richard Dawson @richarddawson12 "2020" Domino @Dominorecordco 2019

1:37 Little Bugger BELINDA KEMPSTER & FRAN FOOTE On Clay Hill From Here Records @fromhererecords 2019

Jochen Rindfrey, Baby Blaue

Open to the Sea ist ein weiteres Projekt des Mailänder Musikers Matteo Uggeri, der mir bisher nur mit seiner Formation Sparkle in Grey bekannt war. Sein musikalischer Partner bei Open to the Sea ist Enrico Coniglio, mit dem er schon früher zusammengearbeitet hat; hier agieren die beiden nun erstmals unter diesem Namen. Das Debüt mit dem Titel Another Year is Over, Let’s Wait for Springtime erschien im Januar 2020.

Matteo Uggeri ist hier weniger als Musiker im traditionellen Sinn involviert, trägt hauptsächlich Samples, Field Recordings und weitere Klangeffekte bei. Sein Partner Enrico Coniglio steuert Gitarre, Klavier, Synthies sowie das armenische Blasinstrument Duduk bei. Dazu kommen einige Gastmusiker an Trompete, Cello und Schlagzeug sowie mehrere Sängerinnen und Sänger. Oder besser gesagt, Sprecherinnen und Sprecher, denn die Texte werden bisweilen auch gesprochen.

Zur Musik! Die ist weit entfernt von dem, was man üblicherweise unter Rock, auch unter Progressive Rock versteht. Die - teilweise ineinander übergehenden - Stücke sind ihm allgemeinen recht kurz, wirken schon eher wie Klangskizzen. Dazu trägt auch die sparsame Instrumentierung bei; ein paar wie wahllos hingeworfene Töne des Klaviers, langgezogene Klangschleifen der Orgel, ein bisschen Gitarre, ein wie in Zeitlupe mäanderndes Cello - hier werden Langsamkeit und Kargheit zelebriert. Ergänzt wird das Ganze noch um die erwähnten Samples und Field Recordings. Ein rhythmisches Element fehlt meistens, nur gelegentlich setzt eine elektronisch klingende, Trip-Hop-inspirierte Rhythmik ein. Die kann auch mal etwas hektischer ausfallen (Particles etwa), was einen faszinierenden Kontrast zum ansonsten langsamen Klangstrom ergibt. In einigen Stücken werden dazu noch Texte deklamiert, meist in Englisch, aber auch in Italienisch und in einem Fall sogar Chinesisch (Crystal Dog Barks).

Die Musik wirkt dabei sehr spröde, oft geradezu sperrig; richtige, durchgehende Melodien finden sich nicht, eher Fragmente davon. Manche Stücke könnte man glatt als Ansammlungen von Tönen bezeichnen, die aber auf seltsame Weise über eine Art von Struktur verfügen. Das gilt selbst dann, wenn sich die Musik vorübergehend in weitgehend freie Klänge auflöst, wie in Tapes and Cows.

Vergleiche? Schwierig. Eine gewisse Verwandtschaft besteht zum Postrock der späten Talk Talk oder dem einzigen Album ihres Sängers Mark Hollis. Aber die Musik von Open to the Sea ist noch um einiges karger und auch avantgardistischer ausgefallen. Ein faszinierendes Klangerlebnis, das freilich erarbeitet werden will; hier ist schon einiges an Konzentration erforderlich. Bezug über Bandcamp, dort kann man das Album auch probehören.

Michele Palozzo, Esoteros

Adottato il titolo del loro primo album collaborativo, Enrico Coniglio e Matteo Uggeri tornano con la firma Open to the Sea per un nuovo album di delicato soundscaping intimista, ricco di tratti cameristici per pianoforte e violoncello, discrete tessiture elettroniche, chitarre riverberate e puntillismi glitch. Un ambiente musicale che ispira fiducia per l'abbandono a uno stato di rilassamento e dormiveglia, scevro com'è da uno stringente descrittivismo: l'orizzonte è con ogni evidenza quello della poesia sonora, che si riflette nella suggestione "letargica" del titolo stesso.
Sulla scorta di progetti come My Home, Sinking e Sparkle In Grey, il binomio italiano è ormai un'autentica garanzia di buon gusto d'arrangiamento: e difatti anche qui ritornano i contributi di carezzevoli voci femminili quali Lau Nau, Romina Kalsi e Gaia Margutti, il cui canto o recitato "abita" ciascun brano con personalità differenti ma in piena coerenza espressiva rispetto ai colori soffusi dell'opera. "Facing the Waves" vede inoltre l'esclusiva partecipazione di Dominic Appleton (Breathless, This Mortal Coil), prima dell'eterea chiusura del cerchio, un fade out sussurrato che sigilla un altro gioiello di onirica composizione atmosferica dal sottobosco italiano.

Now adopting the title of their first collaborative album, Enrico Coniglio and Matteo Uggeri are back with the joint signature Open to the Sea for a new album of delicate and intimate soundscaping, rich in chamber traits for piano and cello, discreet electronic textures, reverberated guitars and glitch pointillisms. A musical environment that inspires confidence for the abandonment to a state of relaxation and half-sleep, free as it is from a strict descriptivism: the horizon is evidently that of sound poetry, which is reflected in the "lethargic" suggestion of the title itself.On the basis of projects such as My Home, Sinking and Sparkle In Grey, by now the Italian combo is an authentic guarantee of good arrangement taste: and in fact here, too, return the contributions of caressing female voices such as Lau Nau, Romina Kalsi and Gaia Margutti, whose singing or spoken word "inhabits" each song with eclectic personalities but in full expressive consistency with the suffused colors of the album as a whole. "Facing the Waves" also features the special guest Dominic Appleton (Breathless, This Mortal Coil), before the ethereal closing of the circle, a whispered fade out that seals another gem of dreamlike atmospheric composition from the Italian underground scene.

Roland Torres, Silence and Sound

Formé par Matteo Uggeri et Enrico Coniglio, Open To The Sea fait preuve d'ouverture d'esprit à travers Another Year Is Over, Let's Wait For Springtime, conjuguant notes de guitare en suspension accrochées aux branches radieuses d'une électronique subtile et enchanteresse.

Les voix (Lau Nau, John Guior, Romina Kalsi, Animor, Dominic Appleton, Gaia Margutti, Yan Jun) et musiciens invités, complètent l'ensemble, apportant une touche presque magique à l'album, entrainant la musique d'Open To The Sea sur des territoires étranges et poétiques où tout peut basculer d'un moment à un autre.

L'atmosphère d'ensemble dégagée par les dix titres, navigue constamment sur les bords de falaises inquiétantes, aux flancs arrondis privés d'horizon. Sombres bien qu'accueillantes, les ambiances plongent dans des mers troubles, ballotées par des vents expérimentaux chargés d'effluves jazz et de pop cosmique. Passionnant.

Byte FM

Knuspern 01.12.2019 - 22:00 - 23:00

1. Karlheinz Stockhausen - Takt 121 - 131
Mantra - Wergo

2. The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism - Enjoying G's Presence
Eden - Rat

3. Devonte Hynes - What's Next
Queen & Slim (Original Motion Picture Score) - Domino

4. Open To The Sea - Duduk Confession
Another Year Is Over - Midira

5. Dean Blunt - Darcus
Hyperswim - Hyperdub

6. Ezekiel Honig - Object Music 3
Object Music EP - Anticipate

7. Steven Warwick - Cold Light Of Day

8. Venetian Snares - Fuck A Stranger In The Ass
Greg Hates Car Culture - Timesig

9. Oto Hiax - Dapple
Two - Editions Mego

10. Doon Kanda - Search
Labyrinth - Hyperdub

11. FKA Twigs - Daybed
Magdalene - Young Turks

12. Die A Little Bit feat. Ms Banks - Tinashe
Songs For You - Tinashe Music

13. Octo Octa - Spin Girl, Let's Activate!
Resonant Body - T4T LUV NRG

14. Burning Spear - The Sun
Dry & Heavy - Island

15. Alèmayèhu Eshèté- Telantena Zaré
The Very Best Of Éthiopiques: Hypnotic Grooves From The Legendary Series - Buda Music

16. Tinariwen - Amalouna feat. Noura Mint Seymali & Stephen O'Malley
Amadjar- Amadjar

17. Burial - Young Death
Tunes 2011 To 2019 - Hyperdub

Andrea de Rocco, Radio Sherwood


Barbara De Dominicis + Monolyth & Cobalt: A Fading Memory

Veiila: Exorcism

Seyes: Beauty Dies

Mr. Mitch: Jade

Chiara Morucci: Drone (Vocal Version)

Carla Dal Forno: No Trace

Dark Arts: Autumn red

Open To The Sea (Enrico Coniglio & Matteo Uggeri): Facing the Waves

Breathless: Please be happy

Henrik Beeke, Ox

open to the sea open to the sea

François Bousquet, Ether Real

Enchaînant les publications, sous son nom propre, sous des pseudonymes ou en collaboration avec d’autres musiciens, Enrico Coniglio avait un peu fini par nous décourager dans nos tentatives d’essayer de le suivre. Cela faisait donc six ans qu’on avait plus recensé de travaux de l’Italien, durée probablement trop longue et absence qu’on comble avec ce second album d’Open To The Sea, projet mené avec Matteo Uggeri. Les deux transalpins avaient publié, en 2017, un long-format sur Dronarivm, intitulé Open To The Sea, titre qu’ils reprennent donc à présent, sur Midira Records, comme nom de leur duo.

Tout aussi prolifique que Coniglio, Matteo Uggeri avait été chroniqué sur ces pages l’an passé pour son projet Barnacles, au boucles tribales et drones puissants. Ici, c’est dans un registre nettement plus épuré qu’il coopère avec son comparse, se chargeant des samples et field recordings tandis que Coniglio officie aux instruments réels (guitare et synthé). Alors que, dans ce contexte, la tentation aurait été forte de livrer un disque de pure ambient travaillée, les Italiens font plutôt le choix de convier des chanteurs (six en tout, pour un disque comptant dix morceaux) ainsi que quelques instrumentistes, reprenant la formule déjà en cours sur leur premier effort. On se retrouve donc face à un disque « à invités », dans la lignée de ce que d’autres formations ont pu réaliser par le passé (il n’est, d’ailleurs pas neutre, que Dominic Appleton, présent sur plusieurs albums de This Mortal Coil, soit l’un des six chanteurs).

Musicalement, cependant, la singularité d’Enrico Coniglio et Matteo Uggeri ne disparaît pas derrière les personnalités sollicitées, puisqu’on se trouve majoritairement dans un climat un peu inquiétant, traversé soit de spoken word (John Guilor sur le bien-nommé Uninvited Ghost), soit de voix féminines spectrales (la Finlandaise Lau Nau sur Heavy Like Falling Leaf). Même les trompette et violoncelle joués respectivement par Alessandro Sesana et Andrea Serrapiglio agissent dans un registre similaire, à base de grincements et interventions clairsemées, ou bien par des partitions s’envolant dans un ton plus free (Tapes And Cows Pt2 avec un intéressant dialogue trompette-rythmiques électroniques). Pour autant, l’auditeur se confrontera à un voyage singulier dans ces quarante-cinq minutes, à la fois un peu bercé par les différentes voix et instruments, rarement soutenues par des rythmiques, et un peu chamboulé par les changements d’atmosphères d’un titre à l’autre.

De fait, le disque peut passer d’un titre très éthéré, avec juste des triturations et des nappes, à une proposition avec batterie réelle (celle de Simone Riva), chant affirmé (celui de Dominic Appleton) et guitare de Coniglio agissant en trémolo (Facing The Waves). Un peu déconcertant, ce balancement s’avère, de toute façon consubstantiel à ce schéma de disque « à invités » ; à chacun de le savoir avant d’attaquer Another Year Is Over.


SWR 2 Radiophon
13.02.2020, 21.03 Uhr

00 Signet SWR2: Radiophon (Lontzek, Peter). 00:12
01 Minguet Quartett: Streichquartett Nr. 2: Bagatelle, scherzo frammento (Trojahn, Manfred). 00: 32. WERGO WER 73832 (LC 00846)
02 Philip Samartzis & Eric La Casa: Captured Space 1 (Samartzis / La Casa). 00:25. CRÓNICA 153~2020 (LC o.A.). Album: Captured Space
03 Susan Alcorn: Sapphire (Alcorn, Susan). 04:17. Inucunabulum INC 013 (LC o.A.). Album: Various Artists: New Music for Old Instruments
04 Sign Libra: Sea of Islands (Melnikova, Agata). 03:04. RVNG Intl. RVNGNL60 (LA.). Single / DL: Sea to Sea
05 Steve Hauschildt: The Spring in Chartreuse (Hauschildt, Steve). 03:18. Ghostly International GI-346 (LC o.A.). Album: Nonlin
06 Open To The Sea: Particles PT2 (Coniglio, Enrico / Uggeri, Matteo). 02:30. Midira Records MD080 (LC o.A.). Album: Another Year is Over
07 Transtilla: Valavond aan Concourslaan (Bakker, Anne-Chris / Kleefstra, Romke). 03:08. Midira Records MD073 (LC o.A.). Album: Transtilla II
08 Gri, Gutman, Mosconi: Scirocco (Gri / Gutman / Mosconi). 07:15. Midira Records MD068 (LC o.A.). Album: Uncoded Winds Below the Waves
09 Philip Samartzis & Eric La Casa: Captured Space 1 (Samartzis / La Casa). 00:15. CRÓNICA 153~2020 (LC o.A.). Album: Captured Space
10 Daniel Karlsson Trio: Principio (Karlsson, Daniel). 01:45. Brus & Knaster BRUS 052 (LC o.A.). Album: Fuse Number Eleven
11 Tribe: Marcus Garvey (Chui, Mbiyu / Wise, Pamela). 04:37. Strut STRUT210CD (LC 07306). Album: Hometown: Detroit Sessions 1990-2014
12 Mamiffer: River of Light (Coloccia, Faith / Mamiffer).04:02. SIGE SIGE069 (LC o.A.). Album: Brilliant Tabernacle
13 Afenginn: Litirnir (the Colours) (Nyberg, Kim Raffael). 03:30. Cargo Records SHD187 (LC o.A.). Album: Klingra
14 Afenginn: Himnakropparnir (Celestial Bodies) (K.: Nyberg, Kim Raffael / T.: Dánjal á Neystabø). 03:41. Cargo Records SHD187 (LC o.A.). Album: Klingra
15 Anadol: Adieu (Atila, Gözen). 02:32. Pingipung 065 (LC o.A.). Album: Uzun Havalar
16 Aurora Orchestra: Come away, come away, Death (K.: Finzi, Gerald / Arr.: Mealor, Paul). 03:35. DECCA 478 9357 (LC 00171). Album: Introit – The Music of Gerald Finzi
17 Philip Samartzis & Eric La Casa: Captured Space 1 (Samartzis / La Casa). 02:00. CRÓNICA 153~2020 (LC o.A.). Album: Captured Space
18 Dans les arbres: Mausoleum Part 3A (Dans Les Arbres). 06:36. Eigenvertrieb (LC o.A.). Album: Mausoleum

Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Tonart Jazz
28.01.2020, 01:05 Uhr

3. Stunde Nachtraum Mix - Morning Prayer

Azanyah: The One - Praise Intro 0.24
Olivia Trummer, Hadar Noiberg: The Hawk -Triste 3.34
Masaa: Irade - Hala 4.32
Hila: 21 - Something On The Ground 4.47
Greg Foat: The Mage -Endless Love 2.21
Ilmiliekki Quartet: Land of Real Men - Ravelogue 6.46
Keno Harriehausen Quartet: Rarely Sad, Rarely Mad 7.40
Dhafer Youssef: Sounds Of Mirrors - Humankind 7.18
Johan Arrias: Pour Alto Seaul - Resonance 3.03
Erik Honore: Unrest - Blinded Windows 2.59
Paul Hankinson: Dear Emily - Last Rose Of Summer 2.27
Open To The Sea: Another Year is Over, Let's Wait For Springtime - Particles Part 1 4.15
Azanyah: The One - Praise 6.39

RTE Raidió na Gaeltachta

An Taobh Tuathai

Dé Luain 20.01.20
syd nunkuluk / partial observer / slowfoot
nyx nótt / shirley jackson on drums / melodic
craven faults / signal post / the leaf label
worriedaboutsatan / open the door / sound in silence
open to the sea / duduk confession / midira records
the natural history museum / winter bee / countersunk.bandcamp
brona mcvittie / the green man / bronamcvittie.bandcamp
aoife nessa francis / here in the dark / basin rock
inni-k / just after / inni-k.bandcamp
kandodo 3 / king vulture / rooster rock
nyx nótt / mickey mouse strut / melodic
fluqx / staring at the sun / hafendisko
fehler kuti / sontagsfavorit / alien transistor
tim chaplin / witch are you / timchaplin.bandcamp
peter ivers / peter / rvng intl
rabit / starbelly_1_mazzy star / halcyon veil
leslord / winter solstice in éireann /
jonnine / you can leave the vampires / good morning tapes
aitor etexbarria / interpretations / el segell
t. raumschmiere / notre-dame / kompakt
machinefabriek / stillness #6 (lemaire channel, antarctica) / glacial movements
aux field / corridor / kota

Radio Regent

The Moderns

Lee Yi – Consequential Damage 0.00
gintas k – variations in a-moll for a granular synthesis #6 5.03
Sven Laux & Harry Towell – Before You Sleep 14.05
Evitceles – Само 21.38
Open To The Sea – Another Year Is Over, Let's Wait for Springtime 31.13
RAIC – Witch Trials 38.09
Katariin Raska & Christian Meaas Svendsen – The Way Mountains Make Love 44.23
Distorted Noise Architect – Fictive Line 1.04.47
Rūta Vitkauskaitė – Chrysalis 1.10.58
inaud1bl3 – trap tyrant (fly) 1.30.10
Local Product – Horizon 1.33.25
S23 – Let's Pretend That Everything Is Fine 1.37.18
António Bizarro – Mr. Butterfly 1.44.39
Large Unit Fendika – Fluku 1.50.00
A.D. – jungle powder 1.52.40
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – OUR LORD DEBUSSY 2.00.27
Stas Ostrikov – Thank You My Dear 2.10.08
Arowan – fragrance 2.13.05
Liquid Maus – II 2.14.40
mpala garoo – Verdure Humide 2.17.35
Tomas Korber & Konus Quartett – Anschlussfehler 2.22.59


Rusted Satellites

OPEN TO THE SEA Heavy Like Falling Leaf
TROTH Valley Of Palms (Undergrowth)
BEN CAREY Surfacing
DANCE ET AL. Cantor Icarus
MICHAEL A. MULLER Glyph II (Julia Kent Rework)
STEAM VENT One Oasis and the Next
ELDER The Commute
KEESKEA Red Shirt, Green Socks
PITA Two Top Five
WISE MAN SAY All It Take (excerpt)
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This week we have just released Episode 10 of our weekly podcast (sixteen in all with the Origins subseries, and others to come). You are welcome to listen (above) and please let us know what you think by Following the podcast or Sharing on your social media. We dug deep into the latest and forthcoming works from everywhere out there and this week we are featuring – links to corresponding labels take you to the full album (keep in mind, some of these are sneak peaks so a few may not be posted just yet):

Coil – Futhur (Cold Spring)
Shapednoise – Elevation (Numbers)
Gorgeous – Material World (Sad Cactus)
Open to the Sea – Another Year Is Over/Tapes and Cows Pt II (Midira)
Crème de Hassan – Momo de Bobo (Inversions)
Kirk Barley – Cradle (33-33)
Swans – Hums (Young God Records)
Laura Agnusdei – Shaky Situation (The Tapeworm)
Julek Ploski – Ja Mama (Gin&Platonic)
Hosoo – p.29 (Line)

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Dé Luain 18.11.19
mica levi / love / rough trade
david holmes & brian irvine / love / touch sensitive
juilia kent / salt point / the leaf label
siavesh amini / all that remained part 2 / room40
strafe f.r. / every day xxl / touch
ka baird / teaching lodge of the arrows / rvng intl
maija sofia / the glitter / maijasofia.bandcamp
lankum / hunting the wren / rough trade
lisa o'neill / the wren /
nahawa doumbia / kourouni / awesome tapes from africa
open to the sea / another year is over, let's wait for springtime / midira
paddy mulcahy / when away / phases
mount alaska / back to the land, my love / 251 records
alessandro cortini / dormi / mute
meitei / sankai / evening chants
rachel grimes / got a hold on me / temporary residence ltd
fenella / shard of glass / fire
first tone / reiterations / spectrum spools
netherworld / monodon monoceros / glacial movements
eleh / lo, fr ega / touch

Dé Máirt 19.11.19
mount alaska / the subterranean heart / 251 records
craven faults / deipkier / the leaf label
toh imago / schiste pyramid / infine
telefon tel aviv / mouth agape / ghostly international
sote / modality transporter / diagonal
fenella / rotation wells / fire
negra branca / importa / frequency domain
paddy mulcahy / through the wall / phases
lankum / the dark eyed gypsy / rough trade
j.r. bohannon / paradise kentucky / figureight
fears / bled white (gross net blood remix) / touch sensitive
stanlaey / ted's tune / stanlaey art
hinako omori / auraelia / injazero
open to the sea / duduk confession / midira
ohio / frere / 12k
we like we & jacob kirkegaard / hylas / sonic pieces
meitei / curio / evening chants
lankum / ode to lullaby / rough trade
neil quigley / everything hole / moot tapes
eleh / collect yourself well arranged / touch
noe gonzalez / untold (ambient rework) / waterway

Dé Luain 25.11.19
mára / sangre de cristo - 6 / sige records
jonnine / you're wanting it to go this way / good morning tapes
art of algebra / maasai / self-released
tess roby / ballad 5 / italians do it better
rabit / starbelly_1_mazzy_star / halcyon veil
mount alaska / back to the land, my love / 251 records
lanark artefax / ferthenheap / numbers
open to the sea / duduk confession / midira
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stanlaey / ted's tune / stanlaey art
mary lattimore / on the day you saw the dead whale / ghostly international
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open to the sea / another year is over, let's wait for springtime / midira
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Dé Luain 02.12.19
lanark artefax / ferthenheap / numbers
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tess roby / ballad 5 / italians do it better
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the golden filter / new politik (anna wall remix) / 4gn3s
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mount alaska / back to the land, my love / 251 records
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open to the sea / another year is over, let's wait for springtime / midira
mantua / something's happened up at the old mill / sunshine cult
mára / sangre de cristo - 6 / sige records

Dé Mairt 03.12.19
mhysa / games / hyperdub.bandcamp
art of algebra / maasai / self-released
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Dé Luain 09.12.19
toada / adelina / pluma
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umberto / absent images / thrill jockey

Dé Máirt 10.12.19
doon kanda / dio / hyperdub
mhysa / games / hyperdub.bandcamp
fka twigs / home with you / xl
jonnine / you can leave the vampires / good morning tapes
mount alaska / the subterranean heart / 251 records
barker / die-hards of the darwinian order / ostgut ton
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veins full of static / your home is burning / disintegration state
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aitor etxebarria / vacant / el segell
mantua / something's happened up at the old mill / sunshine cult
toby wiltshire / departure / tobywiltshire.bandcamp

IDA raadio

Üle Heli, 04.12.2019

Susumu Yokota – Ama and the Mountain
ANMA – Harm Osc 7
Wondering o – Fire Under The Ashes
Strafe F.R. – Isabella B.
Ratkiller – Eremocine
Only Now – Mutants
Ka Baird – Storms Stay Fine
Rizan Said – Mewal
William Brittelle – Strange Asylum
Georgia – City Floral
Open To The Sea – Duduk Confession
Waqwaq Kingdom – 3rd Eye
Wobbly – Multiplet
People Like Us – Free My Prayer
Tendencyitis – Fronds
MME dUO – Monochrom
Arrington de Dionyso – Hollerin' Over the Motor
Ziur – It's Complicated
Peter Van Hoesen – Candidate
Laura Agnusdei – Epiphyte Blues
O'Flynn – Neptune
Nazar – Unruly
Andrew Pekler – Description of Rain (Over Frisland)
Andrew Pekler – Onaseuse / Crespo / Rica de Oroüle-heli-041219/

Cristiano Deison, Loud! Radio

09.01.2020 | We all disappear

GRI / GUTMAN / MOSCONI - Grecale ("Uncoded Winds Below The Waves", Midira Records, MD068, 2019)

YANN NOVAK - We All Disappear ("Slowly Dismanting", Room 40, RM4112, 2019)

OPEN TO THE SEA - Another Year Is Over, Let's Wait for Springtime ("Another Year Is Over", Midira Records MD080, 2019)

DRONE - Vitula ("The Stilling", Pomperipossa Records, PRLP11, 2019)

MARTINA BERTONI - Blu ("All the Ghosts are Gone",Falk 1F/14 13/15/00-3C, 2020)

PITA - Motivation ("Get on", Editions Mego eMEGO269, 2019)

ELEH - Overt Too ("Living Space", Touch, TO:114, 2019)

BJ NILSEN - ("Distant Brillance", 13, sps2034, 2020)

HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR - The Door ("Chernobyl OST", Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 483 7225, 2019)

HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR - Evacuation ("Chernobyl OST", Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 483 7225, 2019)

Mario Ariano, Radioaktiv

Open To The Sea nasce dalla collaborazione tra Matteo Uggeri ed Enrico Coniglio. Il primo, milanese, laureato in design, inizia a suonare nel 1996 ispirandosi al movimento industriale della fine degli anni '70, rimanendo negli anni uno dei suoi punti di riferimento; in tale contesto ha sviluppato un crescente interesse per la melodia e le registrazioni sul campo.

Il secondo è chitarrista, registratore di suoni ambientali e artista del suono, con un forte interesse per l'estetica del paesaggio. Partendo dalla sua curiosità di sperimentare variazioni tonali della musica ambientale, si è spinto a indagare la
perdita di identità dei luoghi e l'incertezza sull'evoluzione del territorio.
Another Year Is Over è il loro secondo album, pubblicato il 31 dicembre 2019 dall'etichetta tedesca Midira Records in un'edizione di 200 copie, racchiusa in una copertina a colori con un libretto di 8 pagine che include più opere di Graham Crowley.
Open To The Sea è un progetto che si spinge oltre i confini dell'ambient, riscrivendone le regole, arricchendo l'album di momenti sperimentali e jazz con tanti ospiti dietro batteria, tromba e violoncello che si aggiungono a Coniglio e Uggeri, dando vita ad un lavoro magico e candido in grado di stregare dal primo ascolto.
Atmosfere meditative pervadono Heavy Like a Falling Leaf con la soave voce della finlandese Lau Nau che danno quel quid in più al brano. Un landscape che sa di eterno e immobile, sviluppato sulle note del piano arricchite dagli sprazzi di elettronica atti a risaltare gli elementi principali della song.
Una voce che parla al cuore quella di Romina Kalsi/Animor in Particles PT1 che ci accoglie accompagnata dalle melodie della chitarra di Coniglio, un beat mai invadente che fa di questa traccia un caldo abbraccio tra il soul e l'ambient, il risultato è semplicemente unico.
Tapes and Cows PT1 è una poesia senza versi, una strumentale che gioca con le pause, un lento dialogo tra il violoncello e la tromba che si poggia su impercettibili droni. I due musicisti lavorano per sottrazione: seppur utilizzando tantissimi strumenti, si ha la sensazione che i due prediligano l'essenziale e le armonie lineari senza mai scaturire in un'accozzaglia di elementi.
La voce sussurrata di Yan Jun si fa strada tra il piano e la tromba che disegnano la melodia regale di Crystal Dog Barks utilizzata quasi per introdurci alla successiva Facing the Waves. Dominic Appleton (This Mortal Coil) prende per mano la canzone e ci trascina in un mondo sognante tra jazz e sperimentazione elettronica, il manifesto di tutto l'album.

Another Year Is Over è un fermo immagine che descrive un momento di gioia, un momento magico che viene creato dall'istante in cui inizi ad ascoltare l'album.

Radio Città Del Capo, Bologna

Pangea 18.12.2019, 21.00-22.30

YORKSTON / THORPE / KHAN, The Shearing's Not For You, Navarasa: Nine Emotions (Domino)
OPEN TO THE SEA, Heavy Like a Falling Leaf, Another Year Is Over Let's Wait For Springtime (Midira Records)
TEEBS, Black Dove (feat. Sudan Archives), Anicca (Brainfeeder)
SCUTI, Skoowup
CREME DE HASSAN, Ululation Nation, Tricontinental Circus (Inversions)
GIANT SWAN, Weight Of Love, Giant Swan (Kek)
VENETIAN SNARES, Milk, Greg Hates Car Culture (Timesig)
BURIAL, Stolen Dog, Tunes 2011 To 2019 (Hyperdub)
INAUD1BL3, Trap Tyrant (Fly), Zahlen Spiele (Farmersmanual)
YAIR ETZIONY, Teufelsee, Ensemble (False Industries)
STEPHANE ROY, Train d'enfer, L'inaudible (Empreintes DIGITALes)
GHOST HORSE, Il Bisonte, Trojan (Auand)
PHILIP SAMARTZIS & ERIC LA CASA, Captured Space 1, Captured Space (Cronica)

RCV Lille 99.0

El Réanimator
Playlist 1323
13 décembre 2019

Army Of The Universe - 1999 (SBCR Remix) - 1999 (The Remixes) – Metropolis 2017
Die Krupps ‎– Tod und Teufel (2008 remixed version) - Volle Kraft Null Acht – Synthetic Symphony 2009
Transtilla – Askvoll - Transtilla II - Midira Records 2019
Robert Crouch – Descension (extract) - Sublunar - Touch 2017
Open To The Sea - Heavy Like a Falling Leaf - Another Year Is Over - Midira Records 2019
Gri, Gutman, Mosconi – Scirocco - Uncoded Winds Below The Waves - Midira Records 2019
Cleared – Red – Serpens – Utech records 2017
Lustmord – So Be It - First Reformed – Vaultworks 2019
Deathprod - Disappearance / Reappearance – Occulting Disk - Smalltown Supersound 2019
Yair Etziony - Vantaa - Ensemble - False Industries 2019
Swans – Cathedrals of Heaven - Leaving Meaning – Mute 2019
Jane Weaver – Arrows (Loops Variation) - Loops In The Secret Society – Fire records 2019

Eldoradio Dortmund 93.00

Klangwelten #357
17.12.2019, 22:00

01. LIKE TOOTH DECAY (3:36) - Venetian Snares (Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary Edition)) - Timesig (dec6) re-release from 1999
02. STUDY FOR PLAYER PIANO #11 (3:06) - Wolfgang Heisig & Jan Klare (Heisig - Klare) - Umland Records (dec)
03. HARM OSC 7 (4:04) - Anma (Batch 0012) - SM-LL Batch (dec8)
04. NINE VOLT MOTION (7:11) - Jan Willem Troost & Henry Vega (Ninevolt) - Arteksounds (dec)
05. DRØMMEN (6:34) - MoE/Pinquins (Vi som elsket kaos (For the love of chaos)) - ConradSound (dec13)
06. WITHOUT EXCESS (12:09 excerpt) - Speaker Music (of desire, longing) - Planet Mu (dec6)
07. STOP THAT THOUGHT (5:41) - K.Pierco (Batch 0014) - SM-LL Batch (dec8)
08. GREASY SPOON (9:48) - Throbbing Gristle (A Souvenir Of Camber Sands) - Mute (dec13)
09. FORMATION DE MONTAGNES (5:30) - Chantal Dumas (Oscillations Planétaires) - empreintes Digitales (nov)
10. UNINVITED GHOST (4:21) - Open To The Sea (Another Year Is Over) - Midira Records (dec13)
11. LIBECCIO (10:14) - Gri, Gutman, Mosconi (Uncoded Winds Below The Waves) - Midira Records (Dec13)
12. VOIES CRÉPUSCULAIRES (15:28) - Stéphane Roy (L'inaudible) - empreintes Digitales (nov)
13. USEFUL KNOWLEDGE (4:24) - Jasmine Guffond (Yellow Bell) - Sonic Pieces (2016)
14. VOW OF SILENCE (6:58) - Throbbing Gristle (The Endless Not) - Mute (dec13)
15. ALMOST LIKE THIS (10:48) - Throbbing Gristle (TG Now) - Mute (dec13)
16. THE WAY MOUNTAINS MAKE LOVE (6:04 - excerpt) - Katariin Raska & Christian Meaas Svendsen (Finding Ourselves In All Things) - Nakama (dec13)
17. DEAD DOG IN AN ALLEYWAY (5:30) - Richard Dawson (2020) - Domino (oct11)
18. DEPRESSIVE CHRISTMAS (2:25) - Culturecide (7")


Grey Sparkle


Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

Matteo Uggeri

Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

Moriremo Tutti Records