Various Artists (feat. Hue with Gaia)
Sing with Me - Music for the Human Voice

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1. Lamppukello - Maalari Mäki
2. Robert Horton - Fry Your Brains Out In Your Hat
3. Alligator Crystal Moth - The Mad Courier
4. Jani Hellén - Silpoydin (Static)
5. Kheta Hotem - Around a Single Bird
6. Metsämorfeus - Pilvin poikin kottaraista
7. Vellamo - Olemisen riemu
8. The Mighty Acts of God - The Slow Hardwood of a Once Thorough Woman
9. Rokkiryhmä - Laulu miehestä
10. Sorella di Kometan Pärsson - Best Explanation
11. Wanton Loverboy - Sucking Tits
12. Hue (with Gaia) - Pillow Talk
13. Autumn Galaxy - Red Glow
14. The Reggaee - Lude
15. Xenis Emputae Travelling Band & Jani Hellén - The Secret Gregorian Plug-In
16. Ville Moskiitto - Oi Herra jos mä matkamies maan


Available on Harha-askel

Limited edition of 80 copies on black CD-R.
Printed covers and insert in plastic sleeve.

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New compilation from Harha-askel, this time focusing on music made for (and with) the human voice, ranging from song-forms to abstract voicings.

Demented pirate blues from Alligator Crystal Moth, Robert Horton goes pop (sort of), Jani Hellén explores the mellotron's vox humana, Ville Moskiitto interprets an old Finnish hymn, Komutian throat singing from Kheta Hotem and lots more...

Artists from Finland, France, Italy, USA, Australia, Faroe Islands and Great Britain.

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